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10 June 2009 @ 11:01 pm
is it very selfish of me not to want my favorite band to become too big, so they wont have a bunch of brat fans who only know that one song that plays on MTV? i look at Anberlin, and they are getting bigger and bigger everyday.
 i just love that i'm able to go to their concerts and see them afterward, and get posters or whatever i want signed by them without paying $300 more. it's more intimate (in a not creepy kind of way). you just feel more connected to them, and their work when you see that they are like everyone else. not that Bono or Gwen Stephani (random much?) arent. you just dont get to see them as real people. only on stage.
i dont know if this a little (or very) stupid of me. it's just that, i used to be a pretty big paramore fan. and it's not that i dont like them anymore. i enjoy seeing them perform. but to me it seems that as you get big, you have to do what is demanded by the audience; so you start changing your style, and playing re-heaally poppy songs. i feel like paramore went through that. i really liked AWKIF, but then there was riot! and it really was a big difference to me. and have you seen their fans? like, really? "OMG! they're playing CrushCrushCrush". ok. we all know that one.
I know Anberlin is a little different from paramore. depending on who is reading this (if anyone), a lot different. but i'd just hate to see people like that being anberlin fans. i just think there is so much more to Anberlin than they would see.
but i dont know. maybe i am being stupid and selfish.

and about the previous post: i never finished the list. got halfway through Wicked and traded all those in for credit at the Book Nook. ha.
and i did get my tattoo drawing (for my birthday). just waiting for the money to come by and for some decisions to be made, and then i'm getting it. and i'd love it if my sister got a semi-matching one.
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01 February 2009 @ 06:24 pm

I went to Borders some a week [or so] ago to buy a book [what do you know? buying a book at borders! wow]. but i realized tha ti had quite a few at home that i hadnt read yet. i know. stupid. why buy a book if you're not going to read it? i dont know. i just love to buy books.
i had 11 books to read, randomly picked the books to see the order in which i was going to read them, because i prohibited myself to buy any more books until i read all of them [and i made a bet with my sister that i could read all of them in one month, and she would draw my second tattoo for me]
here it is

1. Valiant
2. Invisible Monsters
3. Wicked
4. Son of a Witch
5. Eldest
6. Eleven minutes
7. Choke
8. Last Lecture
9. The book Thief
10. The Pact
11. The Other Boleyn Girl

as you can see, i've read the first 2 already (valiant is not my type of book, dont know why i bought it, but i loved invisible monsters. loved it.)
i'm halfway through with wicked. too detailed for me. and im guessing son of a witch is going to be similar, so sucks for me, because i've been reading wicked for about a week and a half. way too long. it's a good thing my sister is still going to draw that tattoo for me.

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27 December 2008 @ 12:02 pm

Foo fighters on the radio.
Work now is so much better and easier. It's not anything "wow" but it's definetely better. The pay isnt better, but it's justifiable, since it doesnt require a degree or anything. But here i am. Working and posting on my LJ.

A friend of mine is who is training for the army just got back from camp or whatever it is they call it; and he seems to be enjoying his military life very much. And it makes me think about my future. I finished high school in May, but I'm not currently going to college. I told myself I was just going to take some time off. But I dont know anymore. And that friend of mine is so happy and always knew what he was doing after high school. And I never knew what I wanted. I still dont know. I was never really passionate about anything. And I dont know what to do. And my grades are excellent. It's like all tge work I ever did my entire life for school was for nothing, because I did it for the sake of doing it. Not because of anything else. I mean, i did it thinking about college, but never of the carrer i wanted. Just college itself. I feel so bad about it. And about myself.
And then
"we will all be a million things before we
Simply fall right into place
We all have forever
Well all get better.
Don't worry yourself to death"


20 December 2008 @ 01:43 pm

It's been some time since my last post. It's not like anyone reads it anyways. But showing up is good sometimes. So here i am.
I've had some problems with my phone lately. But now it's fixed. I got a new number. Which reminds me of the texting community. I left my number there. But it's no longer my number. So i have to fix that.
Also. Is anyone feeling like christmas doesn't feel like christmas this year? I mean, where is the excitement and the bubbly feeling? I don't know about everyone else, but i'm not feeling it this year. Dont know why.
Anyways. Right now i'm at work, so i'm going to stop here. Later i might come back to elaborate better on my Grinch-like feeling, and so so many others as well.

So. Until then...

07 November 2008 @ 01:22 pm
i had been waiting for that concert anxiously for a very long time. i wanted to get there really early, at around one o'clock. but my sister has school, and we had talked that i would pick her up at 1:30. but... she ended up texting me at 10:30 asking me to pick her up earlier because her "third block is stupid". so i did. and we got home at around noon. and we ended up getting there for the concert at 3pm, which i thought would be late, but turned out we were still the first to be there.
later, before the concert started, my sister started bugging me saying she should have studied for her test the next day, basically telling me she shouldnt have gone, which got me very angry, because i didnt force her to go. and if she didnt want to go, she didnt have to.
but later, when we got in and everything, got out front and almost-center spot, she started getting more excited.
and after anberlin played, i am absolutely sure she did not regret going.
in one simple word, it was extraordinary.
they were incredibly energetic, and so so good, which is nothing new.

you can have a little taste over here.Collapse )

05 November 2008 @ 12:31 pm
and i m extremely excited. i cannot wait to see them finally playing for more than 30 minutes. i'm sure it'll be amazing.
28 October 2008 @ 11:49 pm

yesterday i read about the anberlin tour set list on anberlin
i went to bed so over-excited that i kept waking up through the night. i remember laying down and feeling my heart beat surprisingly fast. i don't have a clue as to why i was like that. it's not like it's my first anberlin concert. i think it's because i've been waiting for next week for so long, that it makes me almost hyperventilate. i just can't wait for the 6th. it's going to be amazing, i'm sure. anberlin never ceases to amaze me. it's one of the few bands that i can listen to for as long as i want and i will never get tired of it.

tomorrow i have a work interview. i'm nervous.
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25 October 2008 @ 12:34 am

this stupid show is on tv now, and it irritates me.
i have an ipod movie (indiana jones, which i was about to write with "nn") downloading (now at 84%) from the ipod movies community. never watched it, and i felt like downloading a movie for my iphone (dont know if the movies from there work on iphones too. do they?).
i've been wanting to go to this haunted house near here, but i dont want to go alone, and most of my friends are scared of it. last year (or was it the year before last?) i got one friend to go with me, and when we got there, it was almost empty, so we chickened out. yes, i know, kind of stupid. but the truth nonetheless. the one time i went they had the man with the chainsaw running after some of the people when they got out. he took them by surprise, and it was funny seeing people running around. i was scared he was going to come after my group of people, but he didnt. i couldnt spot him anywhere when we got out, which kind of disappointed me. although i was scared that he would come, i was hoping so. it was also funny when i actually recognized a friend of mine in there. he worked there. and even with all the make up on, i recognized him, and so did he, me; and started calling my name in there. it was creepy. i was scared, even though i knew it was him. i've always wanted to work at a haunted house. never applied. except this year, but i think i was too late.

i'm excited that my anberlin tickets (nov 6th) got here this week. can't wait to hear them live again.
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10 October 2008 @ 09:48 pm

neither are any weekend nights. i always tell myself i'm going to get out for a change. go out with friends, hang out, meet new people. and this is were i end up. i just think of myself as a happy loner. im better and happier by myself. sad? maybe. but it really doesnt matter what you think now does it? not trying to be rude. as long as im happy, right? well. whatever.
i had plans of going out with my gay friend and his friends [and no, i'm not a lesbian] but those plans went down the drain. i'm kind of short on money this week. trying to catch up with my bills.
and then i had some subcontious plans [already forming on my mind since the beginning of the week] of going to the movies with my sister  (she's kind of my movies buddy), but she is sleeping over at her friend's house. i was thinking about going alone (yes, alone.). but now it's too late.

talking about movies, i watched one, which i never thought i would like, and when my sister rented it, my first response was "pffff".

Iron Man was surprisingly good. i'm not into this kind of movies usually, but lately, super-hero movies have been quite good.I really liked The Incredible Hulk [which i am buying, on the 28th is it?], The Dark Knight [which blew almost everyone's minds away, and i am also buying when it comes out] and Iron man.
and i have got to say, Robert Downey Jr. is incredibly sexy in it. i mean, i never even noticed the guy before, and in this one... wow. just... wow. [at least to me].
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01 October 2008 @ 11:30 am
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